Welcome to Panacea Medical Research and Diagnostic Centre

Panacea Medical Research an d Diagnostic Centre is a laboratory located in Rajgarh Road, Certified in Pathology & Radiology. We employ cutting-edge technology for consolation and clinical interpretation of tests, samples and it will be assured of early and accurate diagnosis.


Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Cobas Integra 400 Plus, Roche Diagnostic, Switzerland


Fully Automated Immunochemistry, Cobas e411, Roche Diagnostic, Switzerland


Fully Automated System for ID/AST, Vitek 2 Compact 30, Biomerieux, France, Automated System for Blood


Automated Haematoly Analyzer, XP-100, Sysmex, Japan, Hemoglobin Testing System, D-10

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For 24 hours home Collection, Help line: +91 94352 01222

Panacea Medical Research and Diagnostic Centre aims at giving accurate report with all modern tools and techniques thus helping in the field of medical diagnosis. Panacea MRDC also aims at helping our patients in acquiring accurate reports within a minimum period of time with maximum effort with a service of 24x7. Hope we make a name in the field of diagnostic approach in coming days.

Dr. Rana Kalita

Lab Director